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Void Property Renovation - Thorpe Road - Leeds City Council

The original scope of work was to uplift a small amount of flooring in the lounge and replace it with new floorboards.

On closer inspection from the Innercity Contracts Manager, it was found that the full floor, including joists, required replacing due to dry rot. We informed the supervisor (Lee Blackburn) immediately of the major variation from the original scope of works. He attended the site the same day, signed off the additional work, and stressed the urgency of the property being returned quickly, and within the initial timescale, even though it was now a much bigger job requiring additional labour/materials.

One of the key challenges was to return the property in such a short timeframe, with the increase of work required. To overcome this challenge, our team responded quickly and efficiently, ensuring good communication at all times. The property was delivered on time and signed off at the first visit; no additional work was necessary due to our great standard of workmanship. This was a complete 360 service, including a building clean prior to the tenants moving in. 

Project Numbers

Completed in 17 Days

Start date: 7th February 2021
End date: 24th February 2021

Resources Allocated

3 x Joiners 
1 x Cleaning Team

Project Gallery

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